About the Creative Education Touring Network

The Creative Education Touring Network, is a network that aims to connect a range of schools and arts organisations within the arts and education fields. 


The aim of the network is to give access to:

  • Schools that would like to know which local arts organisation maybe able to offer activity in the school setting

  • Arts organisations that would like to tour work they have produced into schools

  • Schools that would like to know what activities other local schools have/are engaging in, so they can collaborate or share resources.


Through the Creative Education Touring Network we are developing a network of schools, training providers and arts organisations, that can collaborate and develop various tours that promote and celebrate culture and artistic expression; to share experiences, knowledge and a common vision.

If you are interested and want to get involved – please become part of the Creative Education Touring Network. 

Information is only shared amongst members via password access and membership is limited to appropriate organisations.


The Creative Education Touring Network was born out of Baby People’s Arts Council funded Urban Gongs tour, which was launched in April 2018. Touring across 30 schools in Derby and Nottingham, and consisting of a performance, a post and pre workshop. The performance is a collaboration between a Malaysian Gamelan musicians collective and an array of Urban music Hip Hop artists including breakdancers, MCs and singers.

Originated by Baby People


T: 0330 606 2403

E: office@babypeople.co.uk

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